Anna Laura Ross, PhD

Anna Laura Ross is currently the Head of International Affairs and Scientific Relations at the ANRS. In this position Dr Ross is in charge of the development and implementation of the Agency’s international scientific strategy, including in particular the identification and promotion of scientific partnerships with institutional organisations, including research institutes, funding bodies, UN agencies and global health partnerships.

Dr Ross previously served as Head of the Vaccine Research Office, coordinating and managing the ANRS’ comprehensive programme dedicated to the development of HIV vaccines, in close collaboration with the programme’s scientific director. Prior to joining the ANRS, Dr Ross completed her postdoctoral training at the Medical Research Council LMB (Cambridge, UK) and the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) where she carried out research on innate mechanisms of restriction to HIV-1. Anna Laura Ross has also completed HIV public health training placements in Cameroon and Cambodia.

Dr Ross holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK and a post-graduate qualification in Global Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.