HIV & Hepatitis Co-infection 2017


We are delighted to announce the 13th edition of the International Workshop on HIV & Hepatitis Co-infection, to be held on  21 - 23 June 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The HIV & Hepatitis Co-infection workshop was initiated 13 years ago to address the rising need amongst clinicians and researchers for a workshop specifically focused on these very challenging patients. With the success of antiretroviral therapy, HIV infected patients were seeing improvement in longevity, only to be challenged with the dangers and complications of their additional viral infection. Depending on the country – this was either a majority, or a significant minority of the HIV patients under care. Although HIV & Hepatitis co-infection was a small part of some major HIV conferences, the field lacked a dedicated meeting on this topic. Over the years more and more educational components were added given the growing needs of clinicians to keep up with the rapid developments in HCV and HBV cure. The HIV & Hepatitis Co-infection workshop still remains the only focused co-infection meeting in the field.

This year’s edition will continue to focus on developments in basic science, emerging therapies for Hepatitis B and clinical management for Hepatitis C after cure. It will emphasize translational research and best practices in the clinical management of Hepatitis and HIV co-infection.

The informal format of the workshop will include plenary expert presentations, controversy discussion sessions on areas currently lacking consensus, and abstract-driven presentations. Experts in the field will be invited to give state-of-the-art lectures and controversial cases will be debated and discussed by experts. The target audience consists of scientists and clinicians caring for co-infected patients or involved in research.

On behalf of the organizing committee we invite you to attend the 13th International Workshop on HIV and Hepatitis Co-infection and encourage you to submit abstracts on your research in this field.

We hope to see you in Lisbon!

 The 2017 Program Committee: