Wednesday 21 June 

  Pre-workshop Education Course
09:00h Acute HCV in HIV: Diagnosis and management
Mark Nelson, MD
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, United Kingdom
09:25h News on Hepatitis Delta and HIV infections
Vincent Soriano, MD, PhD
Hospital Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
09:50h Hepatitis E in HIV
Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, USA
10:15h Discussion
All Speakers
10:30hCoffee Break
11:00h Management of HCV in intravenous drug users: special considerations
Rui Sarmento e Castro, MD, PhD
Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal
11:25h Management of end-stage liver disease in HIV patients
Ana Morbey, MD
CUF Infante Santo Hospital, Portugal
11:50h EASL highlights 2017
Jürgen Rockstroh, MD
University of Bonn, Germany
12:15h Discussion
All Speakers
12:30h End of Pre-workshop Education Course
  Session 1
14:00h Opening
Rui Sarmento e Castro, MD, PhD
Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal
14:10h New insights in management of HIV/HBV coinfected patients
Juan Berenguer, MD
Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Spain
14:35h HBV cure: what is coming in 5 – 10 years?
Patrick Kennedy, MD
Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom
15:00h New markers/ new uses for old markers for Hepatitis B
Geoffrey Dusheiko, MD
Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom
15:25h Discussion
All Speakers
15:45hCoffee Break
  Session 2
16:15h Debate case based: Do we need resistance testing in HCV therapy to guide decision making? (Pro /Con)
Francesca Ceccherini, PhD PRO
University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy
Mark Nelson, MD CON
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, United Kingdom
16:40h Special considerations before/during/after DAA therapy
Kosh Agarwal, MD
Kings College Hospital, United Kingdom

"Case based Debate: Is HCC increased with DAA therapy? Pro/con"
Douglas Dieterich, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
Nicolás Merchante, MD
Hospital Universitario de Valme, Spain

  Session 3 Future directions of ARVs - ViiV supported session
17:30h Virologist perspective
17:45h Clinician perspective
18:00h Pharmacologist perspective
18:15h Discussion
18:30hEnd of plenary session

Thursday 22 June 

08:30hIndustry sponsored symposium
  Session 4
09:30h Are there any special populations in treatment of HCV left?
Raffaele Bruno, MD
IRCCS Policlinico S. Matteo, Pavia, Italy
09:55hNon liver and survival Benefits of SVR in HCV
Marion Peters, MD
University of California, San Francisco, USA
10:20h Discussion
10:30hCoffee Break
  Session 5
11:00h The use of HIV+ or HCV+ organs in transplantation
Stefano Fagiuoli, MD
Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy
11:25h Discussion
12:00h Poster Viewing session
  Session 6
14:00h Poster presentations
15:00hIndustry sponsored symposium _GILEAD
16:00h Coffee break
  Round Table Discussion: Hepatitis C Elimination Programs in the real world:
  How are they working?
  The Dutch way
Bart Rijnders, MD, PhD
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  The Georgia way
Nikoloz Chkhartshivili, MD, MS, PhD
Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center, Georgia
  Panel discussion
18:00h End of plenary session

Friday 23 June 

  Session 7
08:30hNASH and NAFLD in HIV: same or different?
Mariana Machado, MD, PhD
Hospital Santa Maria, Lisbon, Portugal
08:55hAntifibrotics and fatty liver drugs in the pipeline
Sanjay Bhagani, MD
Royal Free Hospital London, United Kingdom
09:20h Abstracts/ clinical case 
10:30hCoffee break
  Session 8
11:00h What challenges remain in viral Hepatitis
Jürgen Rockstroh, MD
University of Bonn, Germany 
12:00h Closure

 13th Coinfection workshop program (downloadable)