1st Adolescence Workshop


Welcome note from the chairs

We are pleased to announce the 1st edition of the International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence, to be held on 6 - 7 October 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

jburgThe World Health Organization estimates that 10.3 million youth aged 15–24 years are living with HIV/AIDS (most without knowing that they are infected) and half of all new infections are occurring among young people on a global basis. Adolescents are developmentally at a difficult crossroad, which makes it challenging to attract and sustain adolescents’ focus on maintaining their health. Thus, every effort must be made to engage and retain adolescents in care so they can improve and maintain their health for the long term.

Whereas research on treatment of HIV infected adolescents is often discussed at major meetings, there is currently no platform that solely focuses on this topic. In order to meet to need for international interchange in order to bring this field forward, we are developing the International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence: challenges and solutions.

The workshop will be set up as an exclusive summit for multidisciplinary experts working with
adolescents affected by HIV. The objective will be to share experiences, knowledge and best
practices in order to define the pathway forward for optimizing care for HIV infected adolescents.
Topics will include therapy considerations, adherence concerns and transitioning care.

This meeting is by invitation only.

If you are a practicing HIV Health Care Practicioner band interested in participating, please let us know! You can request a workshop invitation and in addition, you can also apply for a Conference Participation Grant (CPG) by clicking on the Information 2017 button to the right.

Workshop Chairs,