1st International Conference on Myeloid Cells & HIV

It is our pleasure to announce that the first International Conference on Myeolid Cells & HIV is tentatively scheduled to take place on 1 - 3 September 2018 in Lake Maggiore, Italy. 
Over the years, treating viral diseases has become more and more complex. Despite great progress, many pharmacological challenges still exist. The goal of the International Conference on Myeloid Cells & HIV 2018 is to assemble researchers and health care professionals to share and discuss the latest knowledge and advances in the field of HIV reservoirs.

This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to identify current roadblocks and to outline future research needed to overcome these barriers. The workshop will catalyze the search for new and innovative solutions. Given the increase in therapeutic options, clinicians and researchers will clearly benefit from the opportunity to be informed and to discuss the newest data and their implications for clinical practice. 

This meeting aims at bridging the gap between the knowledge that is shared among experts in the field and the knowledge of researchers and clinicians in daily practice. Furthermore, this meeting provides a much-needed educational platform for health care professionals and researchers involved in daily clinical management of HIV-infected patients.