Abstract submission will open soon!

The Organizing Committee would like to invite you to share your data on Myeloid Cells and HIV and submit an abstract. We invite you to submit abstracts for a poster or oral presentation on the following topics:

  • Latest research regarding myeloid cells and HIV-1
  • HIV-1-persistence in cells of the myeloid lineage including but not limited to perivascular macrophages


General guidelines
Abstracts should contain the following four components:

  • Background
    A concise statement of the issue under investigation or a hypothesis;
  • Material & Methods
    The experimental methods used (including the statistical analyses employed);
  • Results
    Specific findings (promises such as "to be completed" or "to be presented" are not acceptable);
  • Conclusions
    A summary of findings that are supported by your results (statistical analyses used to support the conclusions, where appropriate, should be included; concluding statements such as "the results will be discussed" are not acceptable).

Please note that abstracts cannot be accepted if tables or graphs are included. The maximum word count for the abstract body is 500 words.

Abstracts are considered official communications to the conference and will be treated confidentially. Submitters of accepted abstracts agree to attend the meeting and present their abstract as scheduled. 

Abstract publication 
Accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book, which will be distributed during the conference. Please note that the conference secretariat cannot be held responsible for any typing or language errors in the submitted abstracts as only the format of the abstracts will be changed and not the content.