This meeting aims at bridging the gap between the knowledge that is shared among experts in the field and the knowledge of researchers and clinicians in daily practice. Furthermore, this meeting provides a much-needed educational platform for health care professionals and researchers involved in daily clinical management of HIV-infected patients. 

Until the program is finalized, please see below the objectives of the conference: 


• Gather cross-disciplinary professionals in an interactive workshop setting to present and discuss the latest developments in the field of myeloid cells and HIV
• Facilitate a neutral exchange of scientific knowledge regarding myeloid cells and HIV-1
• Review the gaps in evidence on HIV-1 infection & tissue-specific reservoirs, including the central nervous system, gut and other sites


At the conclusion of this activity, delegates will be able to:
• Identify the mechanisms of HIV-1-persistence in cells of the myeloid lineage including but not limited to perivascular macrophages
• Describe the mechanisms of transcription of HIV-1 in cells of myeloid origin and the role of restriction factors
• Discuss strategies for targeting persisting HIV-1 in the myeloid cells with optimal drug penetration profiles and immune effector cells
• Discuss techniques to quantify the impact of HIV-1 cure and eradication interventions on the myeloid reservoir