Thursday 11 October - Day 1

9:00 Opening of the Workshop
 Session 1: Epidemiology of HIV Infection and Treatment in CEE countries
9:10Epidemiology of HIV Infection and Treatment in Europe
9:35Update on changes in Hepatitis B and C in CEE countries
Milosz Parczewski, MD, PhD, Pomeranian Medical University, Sczeczin, Poland
10:00Abstract presentations X 2 - on CEE Epi of HIV or HCV
10:20 Roundtable on treatment implementation and challenges of the region
10:45 Coffee Break
 Session 2: Challenges in linkage to care in HCV
11:15Introduction: HCV linkage to care
11:25How can new diagnostics help to increase the number diagnosed?
11:45 Country models: what has and what hasn’t worked
12:15 Roundtable discussion
12:45 Group picture and Lunch
13:45 Industry-sponsored symposium
 Session 3: Switching HIV therapy: considerations and strategies
14:45 Clinical considerations in switching antiretroviral therapy
David Jilich, MD, HIV Centre Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
15:05Roundtable with short talks from a number of CEE country representatives presenting their current strategy for switching suppressed HIV patients
15:35Coffee break
16:00Abstract presentations X 3: Topic: HIV therapy
16:30Clinical Case Discussion: Switching HIV Therapy
Pavel Khaykin, MD, MainFachArzt, Frankfurt, Germany
17:00Industry-sponsored symposium
18:00End of Day 1 Program: Welcome reception & Poster viewing
19:00Workshop Dinner

Friday 12 October - Day 2

 Session 4: Management of hepatitis C
8:30 Critical assessment of the global epidemiology of HCV (how reliable is the global HCV prevalence data)
Peter Ferenci, MD, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
08:55 Hep C and non-hepatic complications – clinically oriented lecture
09:20Case Study: The changing IV drug use problem/pattern and what that means to the epidemic 
09:45The EpiTer-2 database
Robert Flisiak, MD, PhD, Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland
10:15Coffee break
 Session 5: Management of hepatitis B
10:45 Hepatitis B cure strategies: how far are we?
11:10 Abstract presentations X 2: Topic Hepatitis C or B
11:30Industry-sponsored symposium
 Session 6: Hot topics in HIV and hepatitis
13:30New delivery systems and long acting antiretroviral drugs
David Back, PhD, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
13:55Hepatitis Delta: what are the new developments, what are the challenges?
Cihan Yurdaydin, MD, Ankara University Medical Centre, Ankara, Turkey 
14:20Abstract presentations X4: Topic - all remaining
15:00End of meeting