8th INTEREST Workshop 2014

"This is the African CROI" (participant feed back in 2013)

It is our pleasure to announce the 8th International Workshop on HIV Treatment, Pathogenesis and Prevention Research in Resource-poor Settings

to be held in Lusaka, Zambia on 5-9 May 2014, at the InterContinental hotel.

The mission of the INTEREST workshop is to function as a platform to discuss how recent insights in HIV may translate to new intervention strategies for areas with limited resources.
The annual meeting brings together around 250 participants for a 4-day meeting comprising invited lectures, abstract driven oral and poster sessions and round table discussions.

We are pleased to announce the partnership with the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society and RESAPSI (Réseau Africain des practiciens assurant la prise en charge médicale des personnes vivants avec le VIH/Sida).

The workshop focuses on issues of particular relevance for the African continent and gives the opportunity for young researchers to present their data. The workshop size and atmosphere facilitate discussion and interaction between the participants.

Seven successful meetings have been convened since INTEREST’s inception; the first being held in Uganda, followed by Senegal, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal again in 2013.

In feed-back from participants, the Workshop was called ‘the African CROI'

New in 2014 is a pre-conference program on 5 May with 2 simultaneous, focused sessions "meet-the-experts" with in-depth discussions, and a Symposium on "Expanding access to viral load monitoring in resource limited settings", organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) . 

Registration for these pre-conference programs is necessary and possible via the online registration to the workshop. We advise you to register early, as seats are limited. 

A link to the program of the 8th INTEREST workshop and the pre-conference sessions can be found on the Program page of this website.

The brochure of the workshop can be found here: 8 INTEREST Brochure

We hope to see you in Lusaka, on 5-9 May 2014.

The chairs:

James Hakim, University of Zimbabwe
Elly Katabira, Makarere University College, Uganda
Albert Mwango, Ministry of Health, Zambia