Thursday 13 September - Day 1

8:30 Opening of the workshop
Session 1: The geriatric assessment and interventions - part 1
Chair: David Moore
8:40Broad geriatrics talk
Alison Moore, MD, MPH, FACP, AGSF, University of California San Diego, USA
9:10Cognition and daily functioning
Leah Rubin, PhD, MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
9:40Abstract driven presentations
10:15Coffee break
Session 2: The geriatric assessment and interventions - part 2
10:45Translating Exercise Interventions into the Community with Adults Aging with HIV
Kelly O'Brien, PhD, PT, University of Toronto, Canada
Catia Marzolini, PharmD, PhD, University Hospital Basel,  Switzerland
11:45Abstract driven presentations
12:15 Roundtable discussion
12:45 Lunch
Session 3: Mitochondrial medicine
Chair: Julian Falutz
13:45Mitochondrial dysfunction in aging
Brendan Payne, PhD, Newcastle University, U.K
14:15Cardiac function
Ahmed Tawakol, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
14:45Abstract driven presentations
15:30Coffee Break
Session 4: Managing renal functioning in Aging HIV + patients
Chair: Charles Flexner
16:00Immunity and Aging: Impact of HIV infection
Savita Pahwa, MD, University of Miami, Florida, USA
16:30Abstract driven presentations
17:15Welcome drinks and poster viewing session 1
19:00Workshop dinner (on pre-registration only)

Friday 14 September - Day 2

Session 5: Metabolic dysfunction and cognition
Chair: Scott Letendre
8:30Metabolic dysfunction and cognition
Norman Haughey, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
9:00 Abstract driven presentations
10:15Coffee break and poster viewing session 2
Session 6: Frailty and sarcopenia
Chairs: Kristine Erlandson and Cara Wilson
11:00Frailty and Sarcopenia: Identifying Prognostic Biomarkers
Monty Montano, PhD, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
11:30Microbiome in aging and HIV
Cara Wilson, MD, University of Colorado, USA
12:00Abstract driven presentations

Session 7: Menopause in HIV+ women
Chair: Jonathan Schapiro

13:45Menopause in HIV+ women
Sharon Walmsley, FRCPC, MD, MSc, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada
14:15Abstract driven presentations
Session 8
 15:00 Update from NIH
Maureen Goodenow, PHD, Office of AIDS Research (OAR), USA
 15:30 Roundtable discussion: policy makers perspective, patients perspective
 16:15 Closure of the workshop