HIV Clinical Forum Series Brazil

With the introduction of Integrase Inhibitors a new promising class of drugs has become available which promises to impact greatly the daily management of HIV. Integrase Inhibitors are allready identified as first line treatment in several countries and many other countries will follow in the (near) future. It is essential to prepare the medical community extensively on how to best integrate this class of drugs into daily clinical management in order to ensure best treatment for HIV infected patients. The Brazilian roadshow will consist of interactive evening programs featuring international and Brazilian Key Opinion Leaders to be organized in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Belo Horizonte. 

The target audience of this meeting consists of Infectious Disease doctors, Clinical virologists, Microbiologists, Scientists, Pharmacologists, Nurse practitioners, Nurses, Post-Doctoral reseachers, Students and other health care professionals involved in treating HIV infected patients. CME will be provided. 

The workshops provides a unique international translational platform for interchange between healthcare professionals working with Integrase Inhibitors. By bringing experts in the field of Integrase Inhibitors together the workshop stimulates international collaborations and networks.

The ultimate goals of the conferences are to stimulate research that will enable better treatment methods and strategies for Health Care Practitioners in developed and developing countries, to encourage young investigators in the HIV research field, and to stimulate new partnerships between North and South investigators in HIV research. By posting all presentations made during the workshop on the HIV Clinical Forum website, study results and state-of-the-art analyses are disseminated globally beyond the walls of the conference venue to the global community.
Broad purposes of the Workshops include:

  • Facilitate a neutral, scientific, knowledge exchange regarding Integrase Inhibitors
  • Promote dissemination and successful translation of new knowledge regarding Integrase Inhibitors
  • Foster new and lasting cross-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations between researchers in Integrase Inhibitors, in order to improve the knowledge sharing, with the end goal of improving health span within the Integrase Inhibitors population
  • Attract, showcase, and maintain new, early career, and underrepresented investigators to this multidisciplinary area of research
  • Facilitate a robust dialogue among participants through interactive networking and meal breaks, a career mentoring workshop, a networking reception, and distribution of participant contact information to all registrants prior to and during the conference 
  • Host an interactive poster session; award early career (young) investigator; and invite oral “Key Topic’s” presentations as selected from submitted abstracts based on scientific merit
  • Publish and promote conference proceedings in “Infectious Diseases Online”
  • Summarize the current state of the science with regard to Integrase Inhibitors and assess their value in identifying at-risk HIV patients and monitoring therapeutic modalities
  • Explore the potential for novel therapeutic interventions (e.g. nutritional, pharamceutical, lifestyle) to improve outcomes for HIV patients