dome-1868671We are proud to announce the Middle East and Turkey Conference on Advanced Liver Disease (MET18), preliminary scheduled for February/March 2018.

Over the last few years, the field of liver disease has undergone several major changes. Therapeutic options are increasing and new data are becoming available incessantly, which makes it challenging for healthcare professionals to stay informed and provide the best treatment possible for their patients. Also regional and local situations vary strongly and have a big impact on the decision making process of the clinician.

In the Middle East and Turkey, many new treatment options are inaccessible and limited knowledge of drug options in combination with lack of resources makes regional collaborations and research activities in order to advance the field even more difficult. In view of this complex situation, this independent program will provide a platform for healthcare professionals in the region where the latest findings are translated to daily clinical practice by local and international experts, focusing on local and regional challenges and solutions.

We look forward to welcome you to this unique conference!

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