Hongmei Mo, MD

Hongmei Mo, MDDr. Hongmei Mo is a currently Director of Biology and the head of HCV Clinical Virology at Gilead Sciences. Her current research focuses on HCV antiviral chemotherapy and drug resistance. Previously, following post-doctoral training under Dr. David Ho at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Hongmei joined Abbott Laboratories where she supported the development of the HIV protease inhibitor Kaletra and the discovery of novel HCV inhibitors. Since 2006, Hongmei has worked at Gilead Sciences and has led the HCV Clinical Virology team to support the development of HCV drugs. Hongmei oversees and directs the HCV Clinical Virology efforts to characterize the resistance profiles of all HCV inhibitors under clinical development at Gilead Sciences including Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and ledipasvir, the combination of which is currently under regulatory review.  Throughout the years, she has contributed to the development of new technologies that are critical for the progress of both discovery and clinical development of anti-HIV and anti-HCV drugs. She has published more than 70 journal articles and a number of patents.