Huiying Rao, MD. Ph.D

Huiying Rao is an Associate Professor and Associate Chief Physician in the Peking University Hepatology Institute and Peking University People’s Hospital. Dr Rao carried out her medical and research training at Peking University Health Science Center, before being appointed a Lecturer in Infectious Diseases in 2006. Her research interests are in clinical management of viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, autoimmune and drug-induced liver diseases. She also has a particular interest in treatment optimization for difficult-to-treat HCV and pathogenesis of HCV and how this leads to fibrosis. Dr Rao has published in these areas in peer-reviewed journals such as Hepatology, the Journal of Virological Methods, Proteomics and the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. In addition, Dr Rao has been a Youth Committee Member for the Chinese Society of Hepatology for the Chinese Medical Association, Technological Nova of Beijing since 2010, the Communication Editorial Board Member for Chinese Journal of Hepatology and the Editorial Board Member for Journal of Clinical Hepatology.