Jacqueline Reeves, PhD

Reeves, Jacqueline 2013Dr Jacqueline Reeves, PhD, is an Associate Director of Virology R&D at Monogram Biosciences Inc. where she leads a team working on HCV drug resistance.  Her team have developed and validated genotypic and phenotypic HCV resistance assays that are currently being utilized for patient management and to support the clinical development of HCV inhibitors.  Previously, she led a group working on HIV coreceptor tropism and headed up a team that developed, validated and established the clinical utility of the enhanced sensitivity Trofile coreceptor tropism assay.  This assay is being utilized to identify candidates for maraviroc treatment and to support clinical trials of coreceptor inhibitors. 

Prior to joining Monogram, Dr Reeves was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Robert Dom’s laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania where she led a group working on HIV fusion and entry inhibition.  She was subsequently the Principal Investigator on grants from the NIH and amfAR.  Her research group focused on evaluating determinants of HIV/SIV entry inhibition, neutralization and escape, pathogenesis and coreceptor tropism. 

Dr. Reeves previously worked as a Research Fellow with Paul Clapham and Robin Weiss at the Windeyer Institute of Medical Sciences, University College London, characterizing the tropism of CD4-dependent and CD4-independent HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV viruses for a number of primary cell types.  Prior to that, she worked at Institute of Cancer Research on HIV-2 and HHV-8 and completed her thesis studies characterizing CD4-independent infection by HIV-2, under the mentorship of Paul Clapham, Thomas Schulz and Robin Weiss.  She obtained a PhD in Cell and Molecular Virology from the University of London.