Lawrence Serfaty, MD

Serfaty, Laurence 2013_120Lawrence Serfaty, MD is the Viral and Metabolic Liver Unit Head and Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Hepatology at the Saint-Antoine Hospital, Paris. Dr Serfaty received his medical degree from the university Paris Sud 11 and completed his medical training at Saint-Antoine Hospital. Dr Serfaty began his research career studying viral hepatitis C in the early 90s and then focused on potential mechanisms of steatosis and its role on fibrogenesis in chronic hepatitis C. He then extended his field of research to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), by investigating the mechanisms of liver injury associated with insulin resistance in obese and HIV-lipodystrophic patients. Dr Serfaty was involved in a number of trials evaluating new anti-HCV DDAs. In this setting he recently published important papers regarding the impact of metabolic factors on efficacy of PIs-based triple therapy. Dr Serfaty has published 120 indexed papers. He is member of French Liver Association and EASL.