Lucy Dagher, MD

Dagher, Lucy 2014Lucy Dagher, MD, is a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology and practices as a medical consultant in hepatology at the Metropolitana in Caracas (Venezuela). She is also founder and director of the Liver Clinic in the Teaching Hospital Centro Médico Docente La Trinidad in Caracas.
Dr. Dagher earned her medical degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas, completing a thesis on internal medicine that won awards from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the American College of Physicians. Through an overseas training program with the Royal College of Physicians of London, she received instruction as a hepatologist, practicing in the Free Hospital of London (United Kingdom) under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Burroughs as his mentor. She maintains scientific interests in the areas of hepatocarcinoma and viral hepatitis. The author of several book chapters, she has been published in scientific journals in the areas of portal hypertension, liver cancer and transplant hepatology. Dr. Dagher was president of the Liver Section of the Venezuelan Society of Gastroenterology (2002-2008) and past president of the 20th Latin American Congress for the Study of the Liver (2008). Secretary of the Scientific Committee at Policlínica Metropolitana 2010-2014