Patrice Cacoub, MD

Patrice Cacoub, MD,  worked as Senior Resident in Medicine between 1983 and 1989 and during that time, studied Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Statistical Methodology Applied to Medicine at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. In 1988, he won the Paris Hospital Resident Award Gold Medal and the Fred Siguier Award of the French National Society of Internal Medicine. In 1989, he became certified in Cardiology and Peripheral Vascular Diseases and was appointed Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Department of Internal Medicine, Pierre and Marie Curie University.

 In 1991, he became certified in Internal Medicine and two years later was appointed Associate Professor of Internal Medicine. In 1994, he was certified in Management of Research Studies.

 Professor Cacoub is currently Professor of Internal Medicine at the Pierre and Marie Curie University and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, FRANCE.

 During his career, Professor Cacoub has conducted research on auto-immune diseases, hepatitis C and B virus, HIV, peripheral neuropathies, anemia, and vascular medicine. In total, Professor Cacoub has authored more than 500 research publications, 52 publications in books and 120 CME publications. He has been involved in the development of a number of national and international guidelines, clinical trials and initiatives to improve clinical care, particularly in hepatitis C treatment and co-infection with HCV and HIV and in peripheral arterial disease.