Philip Tarr, MD

Philip E. Tarr, MD graduated from University of Zurich Medical School in 1994. He completed residency in Internal Medicine (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston), a fellowship in Infectious Diseases (NIAID, NIH), and obtained training in genetics and metabolic complications of HIV infection in the laboratory of Amalio Telenti at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Completed studies have focused on dyslipidemia, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, lipoatrophy (in the setting of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, SHCS), and coronary artery disease (based on the 24-cohort international MAGNIFICENT consortium). Ongoing projects focus on obesity, osteoporosis (using peripheral quantitative CT), and atherosclerosis progression (using coronary CT angiography) in SHCS participants. Since 2007, he has been chief of ID at Kantonsspital Baselland of the University of Basel. He is member of the Scientific Board of the SHCS and chairman of the SHCS Core Project Metabolism and Aging.