Que Dang, PhD

Dang, Que 2014Que Dang, PhD is presently at the Preclinical Research and Development Branch (PRDB) in the Vaccine Research Program, Division of AIDS, NIAID, NIH.  The PRDB oversees and provides scientific guidance on grants and contracts that support basic and preclinical research of HIV/AIDS candidate vaccines.  In her role as program officer, Que is responsible for a research portfolio evaluating structure based rational immunogen design and studies using nonhuman primates.  Additionally, her scientific interests include understanding HIV/SIV mucosal transmission, in particular, how the microbiome may play a role in shaping the host immune response to HIV transmission and vaccination. 

Prior to joining PRDB, Que completed her postdoctoral training with Dr.Vanessa Hirsch, NIAID, NIH, where she studied SIV neuropathogenesis as a potential model for neuroAIDS.