Albert Faye, PhD

Albert Faye, PHD, is Professor of Pediatrics at Paris 7 Denis Diderot University, Paris, France. He is also currently the head of the department of General Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases of Robert Debré Universitary Children’s Hospital in Paris. He is member of the steering committee of the Pediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS and Infectious Diseases (PENTA-ID). He has been working in the field of pediatric HIV/AIDS since 1992 and obtained a PhD in Virology in 2005. He is involved in pediatric clinical research on HIV at the French National Agency of Research on HIV and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS), in France, through the French Pediatric and perinatal cohort, in Europe, through the PENTA studies but also in resource-limited countries (ANRS-Pediacam in Cameroon). He has published more than one hundred peer-reviewed articles in the field of pediatric HIV and infectious diseases.

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