Albert Mwango

Albert Mwango, of the Ministry of Health, National Antiretroviral Program Coordinator, Zambia, states:
My immediate career objectives are to develop skills and contribute to the body of knowledge in public health with a focus on two specific areas- (1) Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV management and control and (2) International health in the context of developing countries. I hope to take up a DrPH/PhD program in Public Health in Global Health Global Health with a focus on infectious diseases (including HIV) and health informatics.
As Zambia’s National Antiretroviral Programme Coordinator I have been involved in coordinating activities that have focused in strengthening health systems in Zambia. The experience has brought me face to face with the harsh reality of the needs in the health sector as a result of the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. My interest in the public health has been nurtured by the close association I have had with clinicians in the health facilities and the relevant policy making stakeholders. The delicate balance of these two facets of health services provision has been beneficial in viewing health issues holistically.
I hope to contribute to Zambia’s and the Sub-Saharan region’s effort of managing the HIV epidemic by identifying and applying principles of good clinical practice in the care and treatment of patients with STI’s, including HIV; evaluating different models of health-care systems and identifying their relative benefits and disadvantages in the field of STI’s and HIV; critically assessing different approaches to prevention and control of STI’s and HIV in different populations, and plan, implement, manage and evaluate STI’s/HIV control programs.
Furthermore, I would like to be able to contribute positively to the coordination of various responses of government, non-government and international organizations through public health strategies for the control of infectious diseases (including HIV), outbreak investigation and management.

I have contributed in my professional capacity to various process such as regional consultative meetings on development of strategies for implementing antiretroviral therapy programs in resource poor settings; strategic meetings for developing Zambia’s proposals for Global Fund, World Bank (ZANARA), USG PEPFAR, Italian Fund/WHO, UNITAID/UNICEF, UNITAID/Clinton Foundation, CDC Cooperative Agreements; training clinicians, pharmacovigilance, programme monitoring and evaluation in HIV/AIDS. I am also a member of the WHO ART guidelines development group (GDG, 2013).

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