Alison Morris, MD, MS

Alison Morris is a Professor of Medicine, Immunology, and Clinical and Translational Research, and Director of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  She trained in internal medicine and pulmonary and critical care at the University of California, San Francisco.  She holds the UPMC Chair in Translational Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine and has established both the University of Pittsburgh HIV Lung Research Center as well as the University of Pittsburgh Center for Medicine and the Microbiome.  She is also the Vice Chair for Clinical Research in the Department of Medicine.  The focus of her research is the role of infections including the microbiome in chronic lung diseases.  She also investigates HIV-associated lung diseases with an emphasis on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pulmonary hypertension. She performs epidemiologic studies as well as translational studies in which physiologic and molecular techniques are applied to patient populations.  She has participated in several NHLBI-supported multicenter studies of the lung microbiome and of HIV-associated lung disease including the Lung HIV Microbiome Program, the Lung HIV Study, and the Genomic Research in AAT-Deficiency and Sarcoidosis Study (GRADS).  She is active in mentoring and trains pulmonary fellows, residents, and students.  


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