Amanda Mocroft, PdD

I have been working in HIV epidemiology and statistics as a statistician based at the Royal free Hospital, University College London since 1993. My PhD, completed in 1997, examined prognosis after an AIDS diagnosis. I have been a professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics since 2010. My main area of research is outcomes following HIV infection, including both mortality and morbidity, as well as long term toxicities in those treated with cART, such as renal or liver disease.

I have been closely involved with the EuroSIDA study since 1994 and have been co-PI since 2011. EuroSIDA is one of the largest observational studies of HIV-infected patients, including almost 19,000 patients from 108 centres in 33 countries.   I manage a team of 4 statisticians based in London, and have strong links with the Copenhagen HIV Program, where EuroSIDA is coordinated from. I am a member of the ART-CC steering committee, COHERE SC, and have led several projects and publications within COHERE leading to publications in CID and PLoS Medicine. I am also part of the INSIGHT and NEAT networks.