Andrew Clark, MD

Clark, Andrew 2020 120x160Andrew Clark completed his medical training in Cape Town, South Africa just as HIV entered mainstream publicity and by the late 1980’s established a private practice focused on HIV as no treatment was available in the public health sector. As international HIV treatment research entered a post-apartheid South Africa, the government retreated in to a hostile position, denying the existence of HIV and openly supporting conspiracies about HIV and antiretroviral treatments. After 15 years of activism and participating in a dedicated network of private research clinics across South Africa, he joined the pharmaceutical industry, remaining focused on HIV. The past 10 years have been at ViiV Healthcare where he co-leads the ViiV HIV and Aging Strategy and is the Global Medical Lead for Fostemsavir. He is passionate about universal access to antiretroviral medicines, how HIV manipulates molecular pathways and how this impacts cellular function, inflammation and aging, and how stigma complicates the immunological stress response and resilience already compromised by HIV.