Andrew Hill, MD

Dr. Andrew Hill, MD, is a senior visiting Research Fellow in the Pharmacology Department at Liverpool University. His main research is on antiretroviral treatment for developing countries.  He isan advisor to the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, designing clinical trial programmes of dose optimisation for antiretrovirals.

Dr. Hill graduated from Oxford University, and later completed a PhD at Amsterdam University.  He has worked on the development of antiretrovirals for HIV since 1992, starting with 3TC at GlaxoWellcome, and later on saquinavir at Roche.  He does consultancy work for Tibotec on the clinical trial programmes for darunavir, etravirine and rilpivirine. 

In the past, hehas been involved in the use of HIV RNA and CD4 counts in the regulatory approval of antiretrovirals, the standardisation of HIV clinical trial analyses, and several systematic reviews of HIV clinical trials.  Hiswork on lower doses of d4T led to the World Health Organisation changing the recommended dose from 40mg to 30mg BID. 

Andrew Hill is the author of over 40 research papers on HIV. He has been on the editorial board of “AIDS” and is currently an editor for the “Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy”.  He also runs a charity, “Living and Loving” which supports children with HIV/AIDS in Thailand.  This year he is running the London Marathon to support a children’s HIV project in South Africa.

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