Andrew McMichael

McMichael, AndrewAndrew McMichael is qualified in Medicine  and has  PhD in Immunology.  In 1977, he first showed that human cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses to influenza virus were HLA restricted and in 1986, with Alain Townsend, showed that class I HLA molecules present peptides to CTL. Subsequently he identified the first HIV epitopes seen by CTL. He first showed that virus could escape from CTL by epitope mutation, undermining T cell control of the infection. In 1996, with Mark Davis and John Altman, HLA tetramers were introduced into the study of infections. Also he discovered CD1 and showed that HLA-E plus peptide was the ligand for the NK cell receptor NKG2/CD94 Currently he works on HIV-1 vaccine development, harnessing CTL specific for highly conserved epitopes to control and possibly eradicate early infection. With Suzanne Campion and Federica Sallusto, HIV-1 negative blood donors were shown to have both naïve and memory CD4 and CD8 T cells specific for HIV-1 peptides. They proposed that the memory T cells are  primed by cross reacting peptides from the microbiome

Andrew McMichael is currently Professor of Immunology in the University of Oxford.

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