Anne – Geneviève Marcelin, PharmD, PhD

Marcelin, Anne-Genevieve 2017 3

Anne-Genevieve Marcelin is Professor of Medicine at Sorbonne Université in Paris, France and clinical virologist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. She’s head of a research team (Inserm UMR 1136) dedicated to Therapeutic strategies for HIV infection and associated viral diseases.

Anne-Genevieve Marcelin research interests include HIV mechanisms of resistance to antiretrovirals, new therapy strategies for HIV treatment and new antiretroviral agents. She serves as a member of Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA et les hepatites virales (ANRS), in the French AC43 resistance group ( and is chair of the ANRS Next generation sequencing network.

She’s member of the WHO Steering Group that provides high level guidance and supports in developing and implementing WHO global HIV drug resistance prevention, surveillance and response strategy and is co-chair of the WHO Working Group 3, on Research and Innovation.

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