Anthony Moody, MD

Dr. Moody received his MD from Duke School of Medicine, was a resident and chief resident at Emory Pediatrics, and then a fellow in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Duke. He is currently Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Duke and the Chief Medical Officer for the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. He directs the Laboratory of B Cell Immunotechnology that develops tools to study B cell responses to vaccines and infection, including HIV-1. Using these techniques, Dr. Moody's laboratory quantitates and isolates antigen-specific B cells by polychromatic flow cytometry, and the phenotypic panels give detailed characterization of B cells to correlate changes in B cell populations with other components of the immune system. Antigen specific B cells and plasmablasts/plasma cells sorted as single cells for isolation of immunoglobulin genes using PCR has lead to the production of >10,000 human and >4,000 rhesus monoclonal antibodies. Analyses of antibody clonal lineages, including monoclonal antibodies derived from HIV-1-infected participants, have demonstrated a link between microbiota-primed B cells and HIV-1 infection and vaccine-elicited antibodies.


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