Antonio Bertoletti, MD

Bertoletti, Antonio 2014Antonio Bertoletti, MD began working in the field of viral hepatitis as a medical student at the University of Parma (Italy). During his MD specialization (1991) in Infectious Diseases he spent two years at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla) characterizing for the first time the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) specific cytotoxic T cells in man. He returned to the University of Parma, where he worked as a Clinical Scientist continuing his studies on HBV specific T cells. Dr.Bertoletti then moved (1995) to the MRC Unit in the Gambia, as Senior Immunologist, to study HIV-2 specific T cell Immunity before joining the UCL Institute of Hepatology at University College of London (UK) (1997). In 2006 he moved to Singapore, as Director of Infection and Immunity Program at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (A*STAR).  In 2013 he moved to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore where is now Professor in the Emerging Infectious Diseases Program.  His research has always investigated immune-pathogenesis of viral hepatitis, particularly HBV. His current research is focus on the development of new immunological based therapies (TCR-redirected T cells In HBV related HCC) and on the characterization of age-related immune events during HBV infection.

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