Asha Abbas

Abba, Asha 2019Asha Abbas is a young African leader passionate about youth, health and entrepreneurship. As an agent of change, she founded Aurateen an organization that provides sex education to youth via online and offline platforms, where teens get a chance to ask questions regarding sexual health, STDs, such as HIV/AIDS and get direct counselling from qualified health experts. With a need to enrich her pre-existing leadership experience, Asha enrolled in African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Asha has a four-year well-versed background with entrepreneurial activities, working with different organisations and companies and running her own organization and impacting people’s lives.. Asha believes in giving back to her community and her organization has currently impacted over 25000 youth in Tanzania with sexual health education providing knowledge and prevention measures to HIV infections and pregnancies to young girls. As a result of the work she is doing in her community Asha received several recognitions and awards to support her Organization.For example ISOC awards as 25 under 25 around the globe, she is a 2016 Anzisha fellow, Africa’s premier awards for its youngest entrepreneurs, she was one of the most influential young women entrepreneurs in Tanzania who were recognized as Malkia wa nguvu {Brave queen} 2017

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