Avalos, Ava, MD

Dr. Ava Avalos, MD is an HIV specialist physician who has been living and working in Botswana for the past 14 years.  She has extensive clinical, research, policy, and programmatic experience, serving as the Clinical Advisor to the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in the Botswana Ministry of Health for many years.  Her area of clinical research and expertise focuses on HIV & TB drug resistance and treatment failure.  She also serves as the Chair of the University of Botswana Institutional Review Board, and as a member of the Health Research and Development Committee at the Ministry of Health.  She is a leading member of the Botswana TB and HIV Clinical Care Guidelines Committee and technical advisor for costing and drug forecasting within the Ministry. She also directs her own medical practice and consultancy business in Gaborone.  Completing her education in dance and physiological science before studying medicine in California, Dr. Avalos continues to teach dance and yoga to both children and adults.

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