Barbara Kingsley

Barbara Kingsley was diagnosed HIV+ in 2000, and lived in a state of superficial acceptance for approximately 8 years. By 2008 her CD4 counts dropped to 86 and she honestly believed she was going to die. After commencing ARV treatment in mid 2008, she began long distance running (never having run before in her life) and began to run as an openly HIV+ person, in an attempt to bring hope and inspiration and to break down barriers and stigma. In 2013, she ultimately went on to complete one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world as an openly HIV+ person, the Comrades Marathon, a gruelling 89km (55.3 mile) road race. She has become a speaker, HIV activist and giver of hope. In her spare time, she has travelled South Africa doing outreach work and touching lives, from high end corporate and hospitals to rural South African townships and through various media such as television, radio and print. She is currently writing a book on her journey and her experiences.

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