Bruce German, PhD

German, Bruce 2017 120Bruce German received his PhD from Cornell University, joined the faculty at the University of California, Davis in 1988 and is currently Director of the Foods for Health Institute and professor, at University of California, Davis. His research interests include the structure and function of dietary lipids, the evolution of lactation and the role of milk components in food and health and the application of metabolic assessment to personalizing diet and health. The goal of our research is to build and launch the knowledge necessary to improve human health through diet. The model being used of how to proceed is lactation, the product of millennia of constant Darwinian selective pressure to produce a diet to nourish, sustain and protect healthy infant mammals . Milk is the only bio-material that has evolved for the purpose of nourishing growing mammals. Survival of offspring exerted a strong selective pressure on the biochemical evolution of lactation as a bioguided process. This evolutionary logic is the basis of the research program to discover physical, functional and nutritional properties of milk components and to apply these properties as principles to foods (

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