Carlos Eduardo Brandão-Mello, MD, PhD

Carlos Eduardo Brandão-Mello, MD, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Hepatology at the Internal Medicine Department and Gastroenterology &Hepatology Division at The College of Medicine & Surgery and the University of Rio de Janeiro. He is also Head of  the Liver Unit at Gaffrée e Guinle University Hospital

Professor Carlos Eduardo Brandão-Mello earned his MD degree at University of Rio de Janeiro – College of Medicine & Surgery (1979). He postgraduated in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology (MSc) at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1988) and achieved his PhD in Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Federal University of São Paulo (1997). He also performed fellowship at Universitá Degli Studio di Milano (1986). The principal areas of interest are viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis C and B virus infection, coinfection HCV/HIV, AIDS and Haemophilia. He has been involved in many clinical trials concerning the diagnosis and management of HCV, HBV and coinfection with new DAA agents in the last years. He has written more than 80 peer reviewed articles and chapters of books regarding liver diseases and viral hepatitis.

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