Cees Hesp

Cees Hesp (‘64) is Director mHealth Research Labs at PharmAccess, a Dutch not-for-profit organization that aims to improve access to quality healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. PharmAccess works closely with public and private funders for the benefit of patients and doctors through health plans (Health Insurance Fund), loans to doctors (Medical Credit Fund), clinical standards (SafeCare), private investments (Investment Fund for Health in Africa), and operational research (Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development). Cees has a professional background in IT and technical writing, with over 25 years of experience. He holds an MA in English Linguistics (Cum Laude) from the Free University of Amsterdam. Prior to joining PharmAccess 10 years ago, he was the founder and managing consultant at SynQuad, a software development company specialized in web-based and mobile applications. In his current role he leads PharmAccess’ efforts to design, test, and validate new concepts for products and services that increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of healthcare transactions.

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