Charles Gore

Gore, Charles 2014Charles Gore was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1995 and cirrhosis in 1998 and in 2000 he set up The Hepatitis C Trust together with 3 friends who also had hepatitis C. He has worked extensively with Government Departments and the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, championing the patient perspective. He worked with the Scottish Government and the Welsh Public Health Service in the development and implementation of their respective hepatitis C Action Plans and was on the Programme Board of the English National Liver Disease Strategy. In 2011 the Department of Health asked him to become one of the three founding trustees of the Caxton Foundation, the charity set up to administer discretionary payments to those infected with hepatitis C through the NHS.

He was closely involved in the creation of the European Liver Patients Association and was elected its first President from 2004 to 2006. In 2007 he established the World Hepatitis Alliance, of which he is President, and was the driving force behind the WHO’s adoption of World Hepatitis Day and the creation of WHO’s Global Hepatitis Programme. Charles continues to work closely with WHO globally and regionally and with individual Member States as they look to develop national hepatitis strategies. Charles is part of the WHO Global Hepatitis Network and sits on the WHO Guidelines Development Groups for both hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing, care and treatment. He is also a member of the WHO Director-General’s Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee on Viral Hepatitis. The World Hepatitis Alliance is WHO’s official partner in co-ordinating World Hepatitis Day each year and seconds a member of its staff to the Global Hepatitis Programme.

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