Nikoloz Chkhartishvili, MD, MS, PhD

Nikoloz Chkhartishvili, MD, MS, PhD is a Deputy Director for Research at the Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is country’s leading institution in the field of HIV, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases. Dr. Chkhartishvili has been working in the field of infectious diseases since 2003, leading the national HIV treatment program since 2008. He has been involved in the development and implementation of Georgia’s national hepatitis C elimination program in 2015 and serves as member of national scientific committee of this initiative. Dr. Chkhartishvili’s research interests primarily focus on public health as well as clinical aspects of HIV and hepatitis C. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed literature and also co-authored several national and international guidelines. He is Vice-President of Georgian AIDS Association and scientific steering committee member of several international research consortiums on infectious diseases. Dr. Chkhartishvili is the laureate of Georgian National Science Award in Medicine.

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