Christiane Moog, PhD, HDR

Moog, Christiane_2016 120Christiane Moog, PhD, is the Research Director at INSERM U1109, HDR, University of Strasbourg, France. She is also the Team Leader for “Neutralizing and enhancing activities of antibodies on primary HIV-1 isolates”, responsible for the National Neutralization Laboratory developed under the aegis of ANRS since 1991.

Dr. Moog is a pioneer in identifying the role of Fc-mediated antibody inhibitory function in protection against HIV to uncover novel strategies for prevention and treatment of HIV infection and virus-associated diseases. She has been actively participating in HIV vaccine projects, the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), and European networks; aiming to define immunogens that induce an efficient protective humoral immune response. Her current research focuses on the inhibitory role of Abs during the early stage of HIV transmission at the mucosal site i.e. Ab inhibition in antigen presenting cells, inhibition of HIV cell to cell transmission and lysis of infected cells (ADCC), inhibition by Abs on ex-vivo tissue explants.

Dr. Moog has published more than 80 papers in international indexed journals.

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