Conference Registration

Can I pay by bank transfer?
We can only accept online payment by credit card.

I’ve paid online, but my credit card has been charged twice. What do I do?
If during your payment, you’ve encountered an error and gone back on the pages and resubmitted your details, the system might have processed a double payment. Please contact the responsible Project Manager as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

When do I have to pay the registration fee?
Conference participation is on a first come-first serve basis, you can pay immediately when you register for the event and therefore confirming your place in the meeting. If payment has not been received prior to the start of the event, Virology Education reserves the right to deny entrance.

For the administration of my institute I need an official invoice, can I get one?
An invoice of your registration payment will be sent to you together with the registration confirmation. If you require additional details to be added to the invoice, please contact the Project Manager responsible for your meeting with your request.

Can someone who is already registered get a discount?
Promotional codes can only be used by people who have not yet registered.

Can I use more than one promotional code?
You can only apply 1 promotional code per registration.

Where do I report any dietary restrictions or special needs?
When registering for the conference, there is a space to indicate any special needs.  In addition, you may email your requests to the appropriate Project Manager.

Why have I not received a registration confirmation e-mail?
Confirmation emails are sent within two working days upon receipt of payment. You may also want to check your spam folder as well. If you have paid and have only received the confirmation from the online payment provider, but not the registration confirmation email, please contact the Project Manager responsible for your event.

I have already registered for this conference. Can I make changes to my registration?
Yes. You can log into your account and make the necessary changes to your registration details. Please note you can only add items (e.g. accommodation, dinner, etc.) to your existing registration. For cancellations, please contact the Project Manager responsible for the event. Cancellation information.

The registration deadline for the meeting is passed, can I still register?
Onsite registration is possible for most events. Please contact the Project Manager of the meeting to check if places are still available.

Can I attend only one day of the Conference?
Unfortunately, no, day rates are not available.

Do I need to submit an abstract to attend?
It is possible to register without submitting an abstract. However, please note that we do encourage participants to submit an abstract and actively take part in the program either by presenting a poster or being selected for a talk.

I am an author on an accepted abstract. Am I required to pay the registration fee?
Unless you have received a CPG or a complimentary registration slot (e.g. young investigators & academia from Resource Limited Settings with an accepted abstract), authors and co-authors of accepted abstracts are required to pay the registration fee to attend.

How can I cancel my registration?
Cancellations can only be made by sending an email to the Project Manager responsible for the event. Cancellation conditions may apply. Cancellation information.

Do I need to take out my own insurance?
By registering for the conference you agree and understand that Virology Education does not accept any responsibility for medical-, travel- or personal insurance and that you need to take out your own insurance policies.

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Letter of invitation

In my country/territory, I must apply for a visa to attend a conference and that requires an invitation to the event. Can you send me an invitation?
Virology Education is happy to provide an invitation letter to accompany your visa application after full payment is received. We recommend that as soon as you register and pay the full registration fee, contact the project manager with your request. You will receive a PDF printable file via email. Please keep in mind that Virology Education reserves the right to refuse to issue an invitation letter without having to state any reasons and their decision cannot be disputed.

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Letter of attendance

How do I receive my certificate of attendance?
Certificates of attendance are e-mailed 1-2 weeks after the close of a conference.

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What happens if there is a schedule change?
At times, it might be necessary to cancel or reschedule a conference after receipt of a confirmation letter. Virology Education will provide advance notice of any changes and in doing so will not be responsible for penalties related to the canceling or rescheduling of airfares, lodging, etc.​

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Abstract submission

Where do I go to submit an abstract?
You may submit abstracts via the Abstract Submission portal on the conference website.

Can I submit my abstract by email?
No, ALL abstracts and proposals MUST be submitted via the online abstract submission portal. Any submission sent via email will not be considered for review.

What do I need to submit an abstract?
All abstracts require title, abstract and author information, including name, institutional affiliation, title and email address. Each abstract needs to include the following four components:

  • Background - A concise statement of the issue under investigation or a hypothesis;
  • Material & Methods - The experimental methods used (including the statistical analyses employed);
  • Results - Specific findings (promises such as "to be completed" or "to be presented" are not acceptable);
  • Conclusions - A summary of findings that are supported by your results (statistical analyses used to support the conclusions, where appropriate, should be included; concluding statements such as "the results will be discussed" are not acceptable).

Can I include tables or graphs?
No, please note that abstracts cannot be accepted if tables or graphs are included.

What is the maximum word count for abstracts?
The maximum word count for the abstract body is 500 words.

How does the abstract selection take place?
Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Organizing & Scientific Committees of the conference. The review results cannot be disputed.

If I am selected for an oral presentation, should I also bring a poster?
Yes, if you have been selected for an oral presentation you may be requested to bring a poster as well.

I presented my study data at a local conference last year. Does this disqualify my abstract from consideration?
No. In general, we will consider abstracts that have been presented previously at smaller or local meetings.

Does Virology Education accept encore abstracts?
Yes, encore abstracts are accepted provided they are fully updated. However, Virology Education encourages the submission of new and original work to be presented at Virology Education meetings.

May I submit more than one abstract?
Yes, but do not submit multiple abstracts that describe the same data.

If I submit an abstract, must I deliver the oral or poster presentation, or may a coauthor present? The person who is listed as presenting author is responsible for presenting the abstract (oral or poster). Presenting authors are asked to name an alternate who can fill in and present the abstract in unusual circumstances if necessary. Alternate presenters must be listed as one of the abstract authors and must be registered and accepted for attendance before the registration closing date.

How many authors may be listed on an abstract submission?
There is no limit to the number of authors you can list on an abstract submission. In addition, you can list a Research Team or Group as the last author.

Is it possible to list more than 1 affiliation for an author or co-author?
Yes. For each author, you can list multiple institutional or organizational affiliations.

What's the copyright policy?
By submitting your abstract to a Virology Education conference, you are transferring all copyright ownership of the abstract, including all rights incidental thereto, to Virology Education in the event that the abstract is accepted and published in Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases. The contents of the Virology Education Program and Abstracts Books are protected by copyright. We require permission to replicate or reproduce any part of an abstract be obtained from Virology Education; however, study data are and remain the property of the author(s) and study sponsors.

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Oral presentations

How much time is allotted for oral presentations?
Different times apply depending on the conference. Presenting authors will receive presentation instructions including the time allotted to his/her presentation.

How many slides are allowed?
Our experience indicates that 1 minute per slide is optimal.

What slide format can I use?
Virology Education supports MS PowerPoint only.

Should I include a disclosure slide?
Yes. Your disclosure slide should list any financial relationships with commercial entities (e.g. pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies).

My presentation includes a video; how should that be submitted?
Please include each video in a separate file in the same folder as the slides.

When should I arrive for my presentation?
Please arrive at the assigned room at least 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled presentation time.

I have a conflict and will be unable to present my abstract. What should I do?
Please ensure that the alternate presenter named in your abstract submission is available and prepared to make the presentation. Alternate presenters must be listed as a co-author on the abstract and must be registered for the conference. If neither the presenting nor alternate author is available, the abstract may have to be withdrawn.

Is there any additional information available concerning the presentations?
You can find an extensive list of Speaker guidelines here.

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Poster presentation

What does a poster presentation imply? 
If your abstract is accepted as a poster presentation, you will have the opportunity to present your data on a poster. You will be able to hang your poster on a poster board assigned for you in the poster area. During the conference, several sessions will be reserved for poster viewing by all conference delegates. During these poster sessions, you will be requested to be near your poster board in order to answer questions from delegates and provide further information.

What can I expect from the poster session?
A poster session provides one-on-one feedback on your research. You may wish to have a few copies of the full paper available for interested parties.

How do I turn my oral presentation into a poster?
A poster is not a conference paper that you would use for a talk or a panel discussion, so pinning a paper to a poster board usually does not make a great poster and is hard to read. Instead, turn your information into a story with visuals. Use graphs, charts, tables, etc.

When should I set up and take down my poster?
You can mount your poster prior to the start of the conference. Your spot will be assigned to you by Virology Education. You can take down your poster after the last poster session or on the last day of the meeting. Please note that the posters which are still up at the end of the meeting will be discarded.

What materials should I bring?
Virology Education will provide portrait oriented poster board (please check the exact poster board size on the conference website) in the poster area just before the start of the conference. Although Virology Education will provide some fasteners, please plan to bring your own fastening materials (thumbtacks, tape, velcro, etc). The boards will be numbered by Virology Education staff prior to the event. The system of mounting the posters to the poster boards is occasionally done with pins, which will puncture and, ultimately, damage the posters. Please take this into consideration if you have a laminated poster.

What should my poster look like?
Your poster will be viewed from a distance of more than three meters; your lettering should be comparable. Arranging information from left to right is helpful for readers. Posters are usually presented vertically (portrait). Please make sure your poster number is clearly mentioned on the right top side of your poster.

I want to present a poster that I have previously presented, but it does not have the same dimensions. May I just bring it and put it up regardless of the wrong dimensions?
Your material should be new research and must be the correct dimensions—per our specifications—to be displayed along with all the other presenters.

What is the best way to transport my poster?
A portfolio case, mailing tube, or cylinder is recommended for the transport of your poster. 

Is there any audiovisual equipment allowed in poster sessions?
No, none allowed.

Are electrical outlets supplied to the poster boards?
Electricity is not supplied to poster presenters.

Can my poster session date/time be changed?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any changes of poster sessions. Posters are grouped together based on topic, subtopic and/or diseases provided during submission and these groupings are assigned to a specific session.

Can I use a QR or AR code on my poster?
Yes, QR and/or AR codes are allowed. Please note that the purpose of Poster Presentations at Virology Education conferences is to highlight research. Commercial advertisement should not be found on presented posters.

What if I have to cancel?
The poster session is attended by all conference delegates and materials are costly. So, please cancel early if you think you will not be able to make it. Please do not be a no-show.  Contact us in advance if changes are needed.

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Conference Participation Grants (CPG)

Is financial assistance available for Virology Education conferences?
Virology Education is constantly seeking for industry and government support to provide Conference Participation Grants (CPG’s) for delegates. When successful, the availability of CPGs will be announced on the respective conference website and via the meeting newsletter. Please check the website of your preferred conference for updates on CPG availability and make sure to have subscribed to the conference newsletter.

What does a CPG cover?
A full CPG covers registration, airfare and accommodation for the duration of the meeting. The exact sum for airfare differs per conference and is specified on the conference website. Partial CPG’s are sometimes available.

How can I apply for a CPG?
You can apply for a CPG by submitting a CPG application through the CPG application portal on the conference website.

Will I receive a reimbursement of my travel and accommodation expenses?
No, you will not receive any payment in relation to the CPG. Virology Education makes all arrangements for your registration, accommodation and flight. All other costs related to your participation at the conference are not covered by the CPG (visas, meals, transfers, etc.)

When can I expect to receive the selection results of my CPG application?
If you are awarded a CPG, you will be notified after the completion of the CPG selection. This is usually 12 weeks before the conference start date, please check the conference webpages for the exact timelines.

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My company/organization is interested in exhibiting at one or more Virology Education conference and/or sponsoring the conferences.  Who should I contact?
Please contact Virology Education Managing Director Alice Posthumus (alice@vironet.com)

Can I speak by becoming a sponsor?
No. Virology Education conference sponsorships have many benefits, but a guaranteed speaking slot is not included at any level.

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Press / Media

If I am a member of the press, who should I contact regarding a press pass or attending a Virology Education conference in professional capacity?
Please contact the Project Manager of the respective conference to request a Press registration pass.

Can members of the press attend my presentation at a Virology Education conference?
Members of the press may attend all presentations (plenary sessions, issue panels, workshops, and forums) and interview attendees and speakers provided that they identify themselves in their professional capacity (as press). Attendees are able to speak with members of the press in a personal capacity, but may not speak “on behalf of Virology Education.” Attendees are not obligated to speak to the press and have the right to refuse the request.

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Other questions

Are there volunteer opportunities?
We always welcome volunteers at our conferences! If you are interested in volunteering please contact us and mention the conference of interest. 

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
If you have any concerns you would like addressed, please contact the Virology Education team at info@virology-education.com or call +31 30 230 7140.

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