Daouda Sissoko, M.D., MSc

Dr. Daouda Sissoko, M.D., MSc, is a senior Infectiologist, Department of Tropical Medicine and Clinical International Health, Division of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, University Hospital of Bordeaux. Dr. Sissoko has a secondary appointment as clinical epidemiologist, INSERM U1219 Bordeaux. Dr. Sissoko obtained his MD (Lille) and completed both his residency in Community Medicine (1994-1998) and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases (1998-2001) at Lille University School of Medicine (France). In 2002, Dr. Sissoko received a MSc in Epidemiology from Bordeaux University. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Sissoko was Global Health fellow at International Health Unity of Montreal University Research Center. Research interests of Dr. Sissoko are focused on field clinical epidemiology in resources limited settings. From 2005, much of his work centers on emerging or remerging viruses (Chikungunya, Dengue, Rift Valley Fever, Lassa, and Ebola). Since the identification of Ebola outbreak in 2014, Dr. Sissoko has been deployed by French Government and by INSERM as team leader in Guinea to help control the Ebola outbreak and to implement clinical research projects including clinical trials (Favipravir, ZMapp). Dr. Sissoko has received awards from European Union (Horizon 2020), Canadian Institute of Health Research, INSERM, Rotary. Dr. Sissoko has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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