David Ripin, BS, PhD

Ripin David, 2015Executive Vice President of Access to Medicines and Malaria; Chief Science Officer

Dr. David Ripin is the Executive Vice President of Access Programs and Chief Science Officer at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), where he oversees CHAI’s work on increasing access to medicines and diagnostics for HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis through the use of sustainable market interventions. CHAI’s Access Programs have successfully implemented agreements with pharmaceutical companies to lower the price of key drugs and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis by up 80%, among other achievements.

Dr. Ripin joined CHAI in 2007. Prior to assuming his current role, he led CHAI’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Team, which conducts research and development work. These efforts focus on reducing the cost of key drugs through recommending formulation, manufacturing process, and sourcing improvements, as well as conducting the transfer of these processes to manufacturing partners.

Dr. Ripin is actively involved in setting international priorities for HIV drug optimization work, including organizing the Conference on Antiretroviral Drug Optimization in 2009. Before joining CHAI, he worked at Pfizer, Inc. for 10 years as part of the research and development group, focusing on the commercialization and manufacture of drug candidates.

Dr. Ripin received a BS in Chemistry and Asian Studies from the Washington University in St. Louis and obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Harvard University.