Debra Hanna, PhD

Hanna, Debra 2014Debra Hanna, PhD, Executive Director, Critical Path to Tuberculosis (TB) Drug Regimens (CPTR) Consortium:  Dr. Hanna is a trained microbiologist and immunologist. In her current role, she leads a team of 300+ interdisciplinary scientists to facilitate the development of novel TB drug regimens through development of innovative regulatory science approaches, qualification of novel drug development tools and biomarkers and the development of rapid drug susceptibility assays and diagnostics for TB.  Prior to joining Critical Path institute, Debra spent 11 years within the Antibacterials Research and Development Unit with Pfizer Global Research and Development. During her time Pfizer, Debra was the Research Project Leader for lead for multiple Antibacterial Drug Development programs. Additionally, she led a dynamic translational research team focused on understanding pre-clinical pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic (PK/PD) relationships for novel antibacterial agents spanning early discovery to Phase 2 development.