Diana Gibb, MD, MRCP, MSc

Diana is professor of Epidemiology and Programme Leader of the Paediatric Programme of trials and cohorts at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. Over the last 20 years she set up and coordinated a network of clinical trials and cohorts within the PENTA group, across Europe, Thailand and South America mainly addressing questions in paediatric HIV infection.

She also she runs large trials in Africa, addressing strategy questions in adult and paediatric HIV infection, as well as in the acutely sick child (frequently with sepsis and/or malaria), collaborating widely with clinical and research centres in six countries in East and Southern Africa. Wide inter-disciplinary collaboration with health economists, pharmacologists, social and basic scientists and innovators of medicines for children are incorporated into trial programmes. She is also leading the first of a group of trials in childhood TB which will be in India as well as Africa.

Capacity development is an important feature of the overseas collaborations, including interactive courses in paediatric HIV, on-the-ground training in clinical trials and PhD mentorship. She serves on a number of WHO advisory and guideline committees and continues a clinical commitment at the HIV Family clinic at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, which she started in 1991.

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