Elizabeth Bukusi MBCHB, M.MED, MPH, PhD, PGD

Elizabeth Anne Bukusi MBCHB, M.MED (ObGyn), MPH, PhD, PGD, MBE (Research Ethics) - is a Chief Research Officer Kenya Medical Research Institute at the Centre for Microbiology Research. She is also a Research Professor at the University of Washington, Honorary Lecturer Aga Khan University Nairobi, Volunteer Clinical faculty –Professor, University of California San Francisco and Faculty at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Culture (SIUT, Karachi). Her primary areas of interest in research focus on sexually transmitted infections, reproductive health, and HIV prevention, care and treatment and capacity building for research and programs. She has a keen interest in research and clinical ethics/ research regulatory systems. She has served on the Kenya National AIDS Control Council HIV prevention Task force. She currently serves on the Board of Management of the South African Medical Research Council, AVAC and IMPACT RDO and the advisory board of IAPAC. She is the Chair of the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and HRP Alliance (Research Capacity building Initiative) and is a member of the UNAIDS expert scientific panel. She is also a trustee for the HIV Research Trust Fund, and is an elected Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences.

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