Elodie Ghedin, PhD


Elodie Ghedin, PhD leads the Systems Genomics Section at the Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases of NIAID/NIH since May 2020. She also holds an affiliation with New York University where she was Director of the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology and Professor of Biology and Global Public Health. Dr. Ghedin received her BS in Biology and PhD in Molecular Parasitology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). She was a postdoctorate fellow at the NIAID/NIH before joining The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR; now the J. Craig Venter Institute). Her laboratory uses comparative genomics, evolutionary biology, and systems biology techniques to generate critical insight about host-pathogen interactions. Dr. Ghedin studies microbial and viral population structures, and how these impact host response to infection and emerging infectious diseases. Her research focuses on characterizing influenza virus diversity within and across infected hosts, and the interactions of microbes (bacterial, fungal, and viral) in the respiratory tract, to better understand the dynamics of viral transmission. Dr. Ghedin’s research also includes the study of the lung microbiome in HIV-associated COPD and in tuberculosis.

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