Eugène Kroon, MD

Kroon, Eugene 2019 120Eugène Kroon, MD, received his medical training at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as an HIV clinical trial physician at the University of Amsterdam until 1996 when he was stationed in Bangkok by the late Prof. Joep Lange to help set up HIV-NAT, Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, an HIV Clinical Research Organization whose trial outcomes contributed to implementation of broader ART access in Thailand.

In 2000 Eugène left Thailand to pursue family medicine specialty training in Hawaii. Following this training, he contributed to the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative teams in South Africa and Tanzania in their efforts to expand access to antiretroviral therapy. Eugène then returned to Hawaii to work for three years as a primary care provider on the island of Kaua'i, being the only provider on the island also providing HIV and HCV treatment.

He returned to Thailand in 2007 to set up a regional, academically affiliated CRO which conducted clinical trials from Bangladesh to Vietnam in addition to Thailand. In 2012 he returned to exclusively HIV clinical and vaccine research at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, conducted in collaboration with the US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) in a combined position for the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation. In this capacity he managed a cohort study in most-at-risk-populations in Pattaya, Thailand and currently manages an acute HIV infection cohort (RV254 study) in Bangkok, focusing on early treatment and HIV cure research.

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