The International Workshop on HIV Transmission includes the world's most prominent and distinguished speakers in the field. 


 Thursday, 12 December 2019

 9:00 AMWelcome
 Session 1: Network Identification for Prevention - I
Chairs: Walid Heneine & Charles Boucher
 9:10 AMBioinformatics Methods for Cluster Analysis
Ellsworth Campbell
 9:35 AMCluster Response and Implementation
Colin Flynn
Maryland Department of Health, USA
 10:00 AMAbstract: 
Natural Selection Favoring More Transmissible HIV Detected in U.S. Molecular Transmission Network. Author: Walid Heneine
 10:15 AMAbstract:
Clusters of Diverse HIV and Novel Recombinants Identified Among Persons Who Inject Drugs in Kentucky and Ohio. Author: Anupama Shankar
 10:30 AMDiscussion
 11:15 AMCoffee Break
 Session 2: Network Identification for Prevention - II
Chairs: Walid Heneine & Amy Killelea
 11:45 AMUsing Spatial Network Analysis of Mobile Phone Data to Design HIV Control Strategies
Sally Blower
 12:10 PMAbstract:
Human Mobility Patterns Generate Geographically Structured Sub-epidemics in Namibia. Author: Eugenio Valdano
 12:25 PMPanel Discussion:
  Ethical, legal and Scientific Perspectives
Moderator: Amy Killelea, NASTAD, USA
 Session 3: Early Events in Transmission - Animal Models
Chairs: Eric Hunter & James Arthos
 2:00 PM

Preferential Transmission of Transmitted Founder Variants Over Non-Transmitted Donor Partner Variants in the Humanized Mouse Intravaginal Challenge Model

Interrogation of the Viral Genetic Determinants of HIV-1 Mucosal Transmission in the BLT Humanized Mouse Model

Daniel Claiborne
MIT and Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

 2:25 PMEnhanced Protection at the Site of Challenge of Rhesus Macaques That Receive PGT121 One Week Prior to Intravaginal Challenge With SHIV-SF162P3 
Jeff Schneider
Rush Medical College, USA
 2:45 PMAbstract:
The Capture of HIV-1 by Human PBMCs in the Presence of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Reveals Different Virus Capture Inhibition Profiles Between Infectious Molecular Clones and Primary Viruses. Author: Jiae Kim
 3:00 PMAbstract:
Robust CAB-LA Protection of Macaques from Shiv Infection Despite Concomitant Double or Triple Sti Infection and Administration of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate. Author: Ajay Vishwanathan
 3:15 PMDiscussion: Which cells are involved in early transmission
 Session 4: Early events in Transmission - Human models / acute infection cohorts
Chairs: Gabriella Scarlatti & Thumbi Ndung'u
 4:15 PM

Data on African Acute Cohort Studies (FRESH)
Thumbi Ndung'u
Africa Health Research Institute, South Africa

 4:35 PMCurrent and Future Work on the MHRP Acute Infection Cohorts
Merlin Robb
Henry M. Jackson Foundation, USA
 4:55 PMAbstract:
Ex Vivo Rectal Explant Challenge Model of HIV-1 Transmission Reveals Associations Between Endogenous Inflammatory Cytokine Production and HIV Replication. Author: Phillip Murray
 5:10 PMAbstract:
Preliminary Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Immune Signatures Associated with Support of HIV Replication in Ex Vivo Challenged Rectal Mucosa. Author: Abigail Smith
 5:25 PMAbstract:
The Distribution of Rectal Mucosal CD4 and CD8 Tissue Resident and Non-Tissue Resident Subsets and their Associations with HIV-1 Infectivity in the ex vivo Rectal Explant Challenge Model. Author: Grimsley Ackerley
 5:40 PMDiscussion
 6:15 PMEnd of Day 1
  Welcome Reception

Friday, 13 December 2019

 Session 5: Risk Factors of HIV Transmission in Adolescents
Chairs: Thumbi Ndung'u & Phyllis Kanki
 9:00 AMSocial and Behavioral Aspects of HIV Transmission in Adolescents
Susannah Allison
National Institute of Mental Health, USA
 9:20 AM

9:40 AM

Biological Differences; Vaginal Transmission/ Mucosal Injury
Mark Brockman
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Biological Differences; Rectal Transmission/ Mucosal Injury
Colleen Kelly
Emory University School of Medicine, USA

 10:00 AMAbstract:
Pharmacology of Potential Event-driven Dosing Regimens for HIV Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex with Men. Author: Richard Haaland
 10:15 AMAbstract:
On-demand Pre- and Post-exposure Prophylaxis by Vaginal Inserts Containing TAF and EVG in Macaques. Author: Charles Dobard
 10:30 AMDiscussion
 Session 6: Novel Antiviral Agents and Delivery Systems
Chairs: Charles Boucher & Thomas Hope
 11:30 AMPre-clinical Animal Work on Ab's (imaging)
Thomas Hope
Northwestern University, USA
 11:55 AMPassive and Vectored Immunoprophylaxis for HIV Prevention
David Garber
 12:20 PMBnAbs for Clinical Use: How far are we?
Julie Ledgerwood
 12:45 PMDiscussion 
 1:00 PMEnd of the program