The 6th edition of the International HBV Cure Workshop featured the world's most prominent and distinguished speakers that discussed the most current and trending issues in the field. 

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 Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Harry Janssen
Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, Canada

 Session 1: Review of Nucleoside analogue Stopping studies
Chairs: Marion Peters & David Wong

Stopping Nucleos(t)ide Analogues: Clinical outcomes of HBs Loss, retreatment and flares
Pietro Lampertico
University of Milan


Virological biomarkers in patients stopping Nucs
Florian van Bommel
University Hospital Leipzig


Immunological response after stopping Nucs
Andre Boonstra
Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

 Session 2: New Endpoints and Biomarkers
Chairs: Robert Gish & Scott Fung
 9:20 AM

Review of the FDA/EMA HBV Endpoints Meeting
Fabien Zoulim
INSERM, France

 9:35 AM

Are HBcrAg, HBV RNA and anti-HBc Viable Biomarkers
Florian van Bommel
University Hospital Leipzig

 9:50 AM

Are ALT Flares Associated with Improved Virological Clearance
Harry Janssen
Toronto Centre for Liver Disease

 10:05 AMDiscussion
 Session 3: How to make immunology curative
Chairs: Adam gehring & Georg Lauer
 10:40 PM

High Resolution of Exhausted T cells Ex Vivo in Chronic HBV Infection
Robert Thimme
University of Freiburg, Germany

 10:55 PM

Restoration of B cell Antibody Production in Chronic HBV patients
Mala Maini
University College London

 11:10 PM

Using FNAB to Investigate Intrahepatic Immunology
Adam Gehring
Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, Canada

 11:25 AM

Springbank RIG-I Agonist (Inarigivir)
Cheleas MacFarlane
Springbank Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

 11:35 AMGilead TLR8 agonist (GS-9688)
Simon Fletcher
Gilead Sciences
 11:45 AM

Roche TLR-7 agonist
Lu Gao
Roche, China

 11:55 AMDiscussion
 12:30 PMLunch
 Session 4: Update on Viral Targets for HBV/HDV Therapy 
Chairs: Stephen Locarnini & Raymond Schinazi
 1:30 PM

Mechanisms of cccDNA Maintenance and progress on Measurement
Massimo Levrero
Cancer Research Center of Lyon - Inserm U1052

 1:45 PM

Capsid inhibitor/cccDNA Inhibitor - Roche
Lu Gao
Roche, China

 1:55 PM

Elimination of Residual HBV Replication and Prevention of cccDNA Generation with the Combination of NrtI and Core Inhibitor
Richard Colonno
Assemby Biosciences

 2:05 PMsIRNA based therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment
Michael Biermer
 2:15 PM

NAP's latest update in HBV and HDV
Andrew Vaillant

 2:25 PM

MyrB + IFN effect on HBV & HDV
Stefan Urban
Heidelberg University Hospital

 2:35 PM

HDV Trials
Robert Gish
Robert G. Gish Consultants LLC

 2:45 PM Discussion
 3:30 PMCoffee Break
 Session 5: New Drug Combinations and Study Design
Chairs: Harry Janssen & Fabien Zoulim
 3:45 PMFDA Guidance on New Combinations
Poonam Mishra
US Food and Drug Administration, United States
 4:00 PM

Hypothesized Synergies in new cobmination treatment beyond nucs
Jordan Feld
Toronto Center for Liver Disease

 4:15 PM

Study Design with New Combinations
Marion Peters
University of California, San Francisco

 4:30 PMDiscussion
 5:15 PMClosure of workshop
Harry Janssen
 6:30 PMNetworking Dinner