At HIV DART and Emerging Viruses 2018, we will again continue the tradition of honoring the best in the field with two distinguished awards: The Gertrude Elion Distinguished Lecturer Award (one of the few women Nobel Laureates) and the David Barry DART Achievement Award (a former FDA official, Burroughs Wellcome Executive and former CEO of Triangle Pharmaceuticals). Both Drs. Elion and Barry were intimately involved in the development of acyclovir and ZDV, the first FDA approved ant-HIV agent

Gertrude Elion Distinguished Lecture Award

2000 - Douglas Richman, University of California San Diego, USA
2002 - Dani Bolognesi, Trimeris, NC, USA
2004 - Erik De Clercq, Rega Institute for Medical Research, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
2006 - John Mellors, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2008 - Mario Stevenson, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
2010 - John Coffin, Tufts University, USA
2012 - John Martin, Gilead Sciences, Inc., USA
2014 - Sharon Lewin, University of Melbourne, Australia

David Barry DART Achievement Award

2002 - Robert Siliciano, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
2004 - Daria Hazuda, Merck Research Laboratories, USA
2006 - Hiroaki Mitsuya, Kumamoto University School of Medicine, Japan
2008 - Brendan Larder, RDI, UK
2010 - Dale Kempf, Abbott Laboratories, USA
2012 - Samuel Broder, National Cancer Institute, USA
2014 - Julio Montaner, BC Ctr for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada
2016 - Ronald C. Desrosiers, University of Miami, USA